About us

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Meet Lisa

I am a mom to five mostly fabulous kids ranging from 14-22 years of age. For 13 of my 22 years of parenting, I was privileged to home educate our kids, some hours with much joy and delight...others through gnashing of teeth. We bathed together in the deep waters of spiritual formation. I think especially me. That was fertile ground for the passion God has deposited within me for spiritual formation.

I’m most alive when I’m journeying with others on their road of personal transformation as well as when others join me in mine. Fourteen years ago, I participated in my first School of Spiritual Direction through Larry Crabb’s New Way Ministries as a personal development pursuit. That week rocked my world in the best way. I caught a vision of God, myself, and others I’d never seen before, and a passion grew within me to share this vision and walk alongside others in their spiritual journeys. I acquired my Spiritual Direction certificate in the summer of 2016, and find incredible joy in journeying with Cru staff into the heart of God.

The summer of 2017 marked my 25-year anniversary as a Cru staff member. I currently serve with the Digital Strategies team in the area of Spiritual Formation.

I am in a graduate studies two-year program I began in August 2017 called Renovare Institute for Spiritual Formation.

Meet Dennis

I am a dad to five lively kids who keep me active on athletic sidelines, and are wonderful objects of interest for my photography hobby. Parenting them is a gift and as they grow into young adulthood, relating with them grows even richer.

The summer of 2018 marks my 35-year anniversary as a Cru staff member. I am passionate about the spiritual life and co-journeying with others who share the desire to know God intimately. I’m also passionate about how Christ is presented to the world, for how He’s presented often determines whether or not one opens the door to listen to the transforming message of Christ. It is my privilege to serve on our Global Digital Strategy team on which I focus on marketing our Cru message and give attentiveness to how we are experienced as messengers.