Because of you...


An opportunity set before a Gospel Champion is captured in this story. Thank you to our Gospel Champions who are making disciples even in villages like Yonas’. If you want to be that kind of Gospel Champion, join us. Pray for the mission and give from your financial resources what would give you the greatest joy.

The Story

In a rural village of Ethiopia, Yonas is the firstborn son of a powerful witch doctor.

The other villagers say Yonas’s father cuts his own body with a knife.

No blood. No wound.

They say his father plays with deadly snakes.

No bites. No harm.

They believe seven evil spirits possess his father. Everyone fears him. Everyone fears the evil spirits within him.

His father has great power and influence over the villagers. And as his son, Yonas will one day, too.

When his father dies, Yonas believes he will receive the evil spirits and become the next witch doctor.

Forces of evil reign over Yonas’s village. Over his father. Over him.

Yonas doesn’t know true freedom. He doesn’t know true love. And he doesn’t know anyone who truly follows Jesus.

It’s tragic. It shouldn’t be this way.

All over the world, there are people like Yonas who don’t know Jesus. They don’t know anyone who truly follows Jesus.

But you can make a difference in their lives.

Because of you, one day everyone can know someone who truly follows Jesus.