Very soon nearly every human will have a mobile device in their pocket. That means they have access to the gospel all day, every day—usually in a familiar language. Digital strategies allow the gospel to permeate the hardest places to reach, including locations where it is not possible to physically send missionaries. Together with our partners, Cru has the opportunity, the technology and a clear plan to help millions of people all over the world take their next step of faith with Jesus Christ with someone they trust. Digital Strategies is a critical space for you to extend your ministry.
We are looking for them in the strategic culture centers of societies. When we find them we come alongside them, and guide them to their next best step toward Jesus. We then help them be a disciple of Jesus, and invite them to use their positions of influence to make more disciples. You can extend your ministry and reach leaders who will help shape cultures.
Four Strategies
Digital Strategies
There are seven pillars that influence every culture. Religion, Government, Family, Media, Marketplace, Arts, and Education. Today’s students will be leaders in those seven areas tomorrow. It remains strategic to extend your ministry to students, and with Cru this is a core strategy.
Imagine if there was a church for every 1000 people. Churches are disciple incubators. As we partner with other church planting ministries together you can extend your ministry and plant churches everywhere.