Lisa Brockman
Lisa Brockman is married to Dennis and is a mother-of-five passionate kids. She is a twenty- seven-year missionary with Cru, a spiritual director, and a graduate of Renovaré Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation. Lisa’s first book will be published October 1, 2019 by Harvest House Publishers and is titled Out of Zion: Meeting Jesus in the Shadow of the Mormon Temple. Lisa was raised in a devout Mormon family in Salt Lake City, Utah and believed it to be true with all her heart. While attending the University of Utah, she began dating Gary, a baseball player who called himself a Born-again Christian. This relationship catapulted her into a search she had never envisioned for her life. In her determination to prove the truth of Mormonism, she was introduced to the love and grace of the biblical God, who radically changed the trajectory of her life. Responding to Jesus’s invitation to follow him was terrifying, yet irresistible. She feels spoiled to have lived in Florida the past twenty-six years. Lisa loves journeying with people through their spiritual highs, lows, and wanderings, and is passionate about people encountering the biblical God, who promises a love and freedom that has revolutionized her life. She loves to create tantalizing culinary creations for her family and friends, where they spend endless hours at the table sharing life and stories. The beach is her oasis.
Wife, Mother, Author, Speaker