Dennis Brockman
Global Digital Strategies • Marketing and Experience • Husband • Father
If I spoke to a young audience, and shared with them, this summer for me will be 36 years with Cru. They would think I am very weird. Who does the same thing that long? I don’t know of anything more important or strategic than making disciples of Jesus Christ. God is using our four core Cru strategies to expand his kingdom, and the instructions Jesus gave all disciples then and now was to make disciples everywhere. It is a job to last a life time. A couple more things I might say to that young audience is that Jesus himself said, “Seek first the kingdom of God...,” Later when asked to explain prayer Jesus said to pray for the kingdom to come. Jesus told stories to reveal great truths, and he said the kingdom is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one, he sold everything he had to have that one pearl. Jesus is the merchant, and you and I are that one pearl. The value Jesus places on people compels me to stay and make disciples. Here are some things I like. I love to take pictures of people and places. I want to be fit, which puts me in the gym about five days a week. I consume a lot of audiobooks and podcasts. Tech tools help me get stuff done, and I like to be as mobile as possible. Lisa and I have five kids. We like them. Most the time they love us, especially when we play the role of chef, acquisition officer, and Uber driver. Our oldest has her BA in two degrees and is now married — a son who has his BS and this June will have is MBA, and is now engaged. A second son is just starting college; a high schooler and a middle schooler.