Geza was desperate to believe in something, but he struggled to know what was true. He was searching. He was desiring. He says, “I was thirsty for God.” But he wasn’t finding the answers he needed. Then he discovered and learned about the biblical God. Because of you, he now has embraced Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Thank you for your ministry of praying and giving.
Thank you for your support this August. The Good News continues to be proclaimed throughout the world because of you. Our US staff gathered in July and we were encouraged to continue to innovate in sharing the gospel with all people everywhere. Our theme was “Because”. We want to “Be” the people of God and remain focused on the “Cause” of expanding God’s kingdom in the lives of people. Lisa and I are thankful you are committed to this cause with us. You make the following happen because it is who you are.
Thank You