You are with us in heart and mind as we travel to our US staff training (Cru19) in Fort Collins, Colorado July 19-25. Five thousand Cru staff gather to hopefully receive fresh wind in our sails for this mission and re-affirm our core values. Our purpose: Showing all people how they can know Jesus and share him with others. Our promise: Journey together by... walking alongside each person to help them experience Jesus being a compassionate and caring companion being a guide, helping them to take the next step with Jesus Our Four Strategies: Students, Leaders, Churches and Digital strategies. Lisa walks into Cru19–her 13th US staff conference—feeling taxed with her plate full as she is still writing term papers for Renovare Institute and marketing Out of Zion. At Cru19, she will be blessed to teach a workshop about Mormonism and how to compassionately share the biblical Jesus with Mormons, but still needs to prepare the content for this workshop. I walk into Cru19–my 18th US staff conference—amidst the enormous task of raising $6000 in new monthly support. This feels challenging to be around many co-workers who have the resources to continue to say “yes” to mission challenges while my focus in time and energy require me to return to the same work of our new staff. It feels limiting in that I am not free to respond to our mission opportunities, but with hope in God that I will in His time. Meseret and Kamise walk into Cru19 for their first time ever, expectant and excited. Please join us in praying for these things and for God to open our hearts to His transforming desires. Thank you for being a Gospel Champion,
It is time. All US Cru staff report to Colorado