You are making possible for our second Global Digital Strategy (GDS) Summit to happen this coming week. In April you enabled me to attend our first ever GDS Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was an essential meeting in forming relationships with others in our mission who are expanding the contribution of digital strategies toward our aim of making disciples. Best practices were shared, and we pushed each other to learn how we can continue to scale our services. Our theme was New Wineskins, where we took a look at Jesus introducing us to a new covenant; it would require a new approach in relating to God and one another. New perspectives associated with the contribution of digital tools and resources are needed as well. Our meeting launched us into great discussions and widened our views in the way GDS will expand further as a significant part of our mission. About 125 people from around the world participated. However, not everyone made it to this conference. Around 40 were not able to obtain visas to travel to Argentina from their countries. We wanted what we experienced in Buenos Aires to spread to all parts of our digital ministries, so it was decided to host a GDS Summit 2. We recorded all the keynotes from the Argentina GDS Summit and will use those in combination to live TED-like talks by GDS leaders. Next week GDS Summit 2 will take place, and as a Gospel Champion, you will help make it happen just like you did the first GDS Summit in Argentina. Thank you.
Because of you the GDS Summit 2 will take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia