Māori is one of three official languages in New Zealand. However, there are not many bible resources in this language. In September, you helped the Indigitous #HACK in Wellington, New Zealand, to take place. A #HACK is a gathering of people from various disciplines to work on a digital project. Kids with a crash course on understanding a bible story, storyboarding, and how to use an app on an iPad that enables one to create an animation could, in three and a half hours, create a visual Bible story in Maori. 
You engaged kids with the Bible, gave these kids a vision for introducing others to Jesus, and made possible a proof of concept that would bring bible resources to a minority language. You are a Gospel Champion. Thank you for making disciples. I love that this month we focus on giving thanks. Lisa and I are grateful for you.
To our Gospel Champions
Bible Story Told Visually by Kids