Dear Gospel Champion, I love to share with you stories of how you are making disciples. You are responding to Jesus' last earthly words, "Go and make disciples everywhere." You reached out to Antonio, Geza, Eric, and many more. Because of you, people are finding Jesus and then learning how to make him known. Thank you for your ministry. We have a 2020 goal of helping to make 10 million disciples. It is a huge target, and we likely will miss it. Evenso, it is the right goal for on paper that many disciples who can disciple others will be the tipping point to give everyone on earth a chance to say "yes" to Jesus. On the way to the goal, we watch a dashboard like your car dashboard. It is analytical and is the work of digital scientists. It tells us valuable information on how we are doing on our journey toward 10 million disciples. On October 7, this is what our report looks like for a category we call Exposed. The Exposed are people who have landed on one of our digital properties (tools or websites) where they can "hear or see" the good news that Jesus died and rose again for them. What is significant is that we exceeded our goal for this period. Our goal was to reach 175 million people, and as you can see, we are over 185 million. We celebrate this milestone and thank you for helping to make it happen. I did say we probably will not hit our 2020 goal. I will say more about that later, but this is an excellent time to say, “Thank you, Father—that you would allow us to partner with your Spirit to do even this.” Lisa and I are giving thanks that we get to partner with you in this endeavor.
186 Million Plus